Drive Engagement with your Journal

Medical & scientific journals need to achieve engagement & support authors in their goals of knowledge translation.

Partner with QxMD to adapt publications into interactive tools and leverage our global audience to disseminate new research.

Make Clinical Guidelines Leap from the Page

QxMD adapts guidelines into mobile friendly and interactive resources that live in the app ‘Calculate by QxMD’. By going mobile/digital, we help users discover & meaningfully engage with the latest clinical guidelines.

In addition, QxMD can disseminate the guideline to a targeted audience via the app ‘Read by QxMD’ to maximize distribution and engagement to help your guideline authors with their goals.

What We Offer

Why include guidelines and consensus statements in Calculate by QxMD?

– Drive meaningful engagement with published content

– Ability to include calculators and decision support tools related to the guideline

– With 3M users per year on our platform, we offer readers a tool that’s embedded in an app

that they likely already use – no need to adopt a new app that only provides 1 function

– Support for Android, iOS, web and any mobile web-enabled device

Why disseminate guidelines via Read by QxMD?

– Disseminate to your target audience, by demographics such as country, clinical

specialty, profession

– Access an audience who may not regularly read your journal

– Retargeting techniques increase engagement over time


Why co-publish decision support tools in Calculate by QxMD?

– Support authors in their knowledge translation efforts

– Increase impact of published research

– Support for Android, iOS, web and any mobile web-enabled device

– Help readers apply research at the point of care

At QxMD, we believe that knowledge translation– the process by which new knowledge is incorporated into clinical practice – is an important and unsolved challenge for our health care system. We believe the QxMD platform can be a part of the solution.
We love to collaborate with medical publishers who want to find novel methods to increase engagement.  Our entire team, from coding engineers to project managers, have joined the QxMD team to achieve our goal of moving research into practice.

A Simple Process

Partner with QxMD

Offer our services to your authors

Decide on Services Needed

Let us know if you want to adapt a clinical guideline, build an interactive decision support tool, or get help with content dissemination.

Go Live

Launch to your entire readership at the moment of publication, as well as a built-in 3 million strong QxMD audience of clinicians and scientists.

Watch the Engagement Grow

Track usage with our analytics platform.

Case study: Adapting CLL-IPI into a mobile tool

Available moment of publication

From the moment the CLL-IPI tool was published in Lancet Oncology, it was available to the world on iOS, Android, Windows 10 and web.

Knowledge Translation

Bypass the struggle to get decision support tools adopted into clinical practice – available at the point of care in Calculate by QxMD

Access a Built-In Userbase

Will more than 1.8 million users on the QxMD platform each year, the CLL-IPI saw adoption within the first few days of publication
  • iPhone 93% 93%
  • Android 87% 87%
  • iPad 75% 75%
  • Web 89% 89%

Driving Engagement on Mobile & Web

Modern readers of medical journals want to jump straight from abstract & full text to ready-to-use references that work on their mobile devices, laptops and hospital desktops.

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