Overview of the Curator Program

The QxMD Curator Program is targeted to experienced physicians & other clinicians, as well as researchers, who understand the benefit of sharing tailored and high quality reading lists to their colleagues. Similar to the curator of a conference focused on a specific topic, QxMD Curators will develop collections of articles that they will share with the QxMD community.  These articles will help clinicians & scientists keep up with landmark research and outstanding topic reviews.


Why a QxMD Curator Program?

The social media landscape for medical- and research-centered content is still in its early stages. To accelerate the sharing and awareness of relevant information within specific fields, we believe curated feeds tailored by leading professionals is the best model to get it done.  In addition, there are outstanding topic reviews that need to be surfaced to help those new to a given field get up to speed quickly.

Who’s eligible?

  • Currently using Read
  • Interested in medical education and/or hold an academic position at a medical school and/or university
  • Interested in having a public profile on the Read by QxMD platform
  • Motivated to post articles to your shared collections
  • Interested in identifying outstanding topic reviews in your area of expertise

What are the responsibilities for QxMD Curators?

This program is aimed at recruiting motivated professionals eager to curate specific topics related to their fields of expertise and interest. To curate these topics (eg. Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Aortic Stenosis, etc.), QxMD Curators can choose from a variety of roles such as:

  • Creating and maintaining specific shared collections open to the public.
  • Bookmark landmark articles and reviews for a specific topic.
  • In addition, QxMD Curators can use their role in a pedagogic manner, helping students, residents, and fellows read and be updated on specific topics in a high quality manner.

Therefore, the main responsibility for a QxMD Curator is to curate content (i.e. articles) and maintain these public topics on a regular basis.

What are the incentives for QxMD Curators?

  • Receive formal recognition from QxMD for CV/resume and professional recommendations (e.g. LinkedIn formal recognition and official “Curator” title on profile).
  • Be part of a healthcare start up and help shape the future of clinical and research habits.
  • Work alongside healthcare and research professionals to develop your professional network.
  • Become a leader in a new form of medical education.

The Curator Program accepts applicants on a rolling basis and is always looking for passionate members to join our team.