Medscape Network Migration

QxMD has joined forces with the Medscape Network to create an even more valuable destination for physicians and healthcare professionals like yourself.

You will continue to receive QxMD clinical essentials and with a Medscape Network account, you will also have access to the latest medical news, specialty content, professional education, and other offers and promotions from our partners that are relevant to your specialty and interest areas.

QxMD will be updating its apps to support registration and login by Medscape Network users. Once this update goes live, if you already have a Medscape account your Medscape site credentials will replace the username and password you use to access QxMD platforms (Read, Calculate, Learn). If you don’t have a Medscape account use your QxMD credentials to access all platforms in the Medscape Network.

Together, we look forward to building a deeper, richer experience for You.