Sponsored by QxMD, the May 16 webinar will explore the advantages to brand, medical, and
digital teams for moving beyond banner ads to drive engagement with evidence-based content.

VANCOUVER, Canada, April 12, 2019 – With a misdiagnosis rate of 20% and estimated patient death rate of 10% due to diagnostic errors, healthcare professionals (HCPs) need help now more than ever to navigate through an ocean of information to stay current with the evidence-based research that matters most for patient care.

QxMD is partnering with Medical Marketing & Media (MM&M) to deliver a 30-minute webinar that will explore how emerging digital strategies that go beyond traditional banner advertising can help brand, medical and digital teams to truly connect with clinicians in more meaningful and impactful ways to drive behavior change.

This complimentary webinar will take place on Thursday, May 16, 2019, at 11:30 a.m. (EST). The webinar will highlight a clinician’s point-of-view and focus specifically on point-of-care mobile apps, branded and unbranded microsites, digital CME for disease state awareness, and more.

Details include:

Flipping the HCP Engagement Funnel – Moving Beyond Banner Ads [Webinar]

May 16, 2019 from 11:30am to 12:00pm EST

Dr. Daniel Schwartz, CEO & Medical Director at QxMD
Matt Durham, Sr. Business Development Director at QxMD

Free online at qxmd.live/mmm-webinar

Flipping traditional HCP engagement strategies can help you to truly connect with healthcare professionals in ways that are significantly more efficient, meaningful and likely to drive behavior change. Join this webcast to hear a clinician’s point-of-view and explore examples of flipping the funnel when it comes to point-of-care mobile apps, branded and unbranded microsites, digital CME for disease state awareness, and more.

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QxMD™ is a digital learning technology company that makes it easier for healthcare professionals (HCPs) to discover the latest evidence and decision support tools for use in clinical practice. The company’s HCP engagement platform comprises a library of trusted apps that provide millions of members with fast access to full-text research, continuing medical education (CME), and up-to-date tools that drive disease recognition and therapy optimization. Powered by a sophisticated personalization engine, the platform aggregates PubMed feeds, journal table of contents (TOCs), 400+ diagnostic tools, micro-CME courses & more. QxMD also serves other healthcare constituents such as hospitals, libraries, scholarly publishers, and nearly 50% of the world’s top-25 pharmaceutical companies.

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