Discharge Considerations


Patient status, Home Services

·     D/C planning involves the patient/ friends/family/other caregivers where appropriate

·     General health status, nutrition, mental health, sleep hygiene, bodyweight, and need for smoking cessation counselling has been assessed and deemed appropriate for discharge

·     Able to feed independently while sitting without undue fatigue

·     SpO2 >  88% during ambulation, with or without supplemental O2

·     Assessed for home oxygen, under different conditions,  and/or night-time mechanical ventilation completed

·     Assessed for and set up with home health (PT, OT, SW, RN) and community supports if indicated, and/or has been provided with info on this

·     Referred to pulmonary rehabilitation and physician follow-up appointment


·       Update mobility/balance assessment to determine if patient is safe for discharge.

·       Prescribe mobility aids and/or hip protector if there is a fall risk.

·       Patient should be able to ambulate a distance in accordance with home and community needs

Education — consistent information, in laymans’s terms to patient and family

·       Written home activity/exercise plan provided

·       Inhaler technique, use of oral medications, use of supplemental O2 (including connections, flow rates, use with gait aids, potential side effects

·       Action plan for management of future AECOPD

·       Patient has received education on self monitoring and self management of COPD (i.e. pacing, airway clearance, breathing techniques, smoking cessation etc.