Overview of the QxMD Curator Program


Read by QxMD was designed to make it simple to keep up with the cutting-edge literature from ones field.


While many people use Read to access the primary literature, a significant proportion use it to engage with narrative topic reviews, whether they’re looking for a review article on current management of ACS or approach to refractory depression, or one of thousands of other topics.


For users in well-resourced centers, many quickly jump onto a service like UpToDate to read topic reviews.  However, much of the world can’t afford such subscriptions.  And for those who can, it’s a shame that they’re not taking advantage of the fantastic reviews published in the medical literature that their organization is already paying to access, or that are available through open access sources.


As such, our search engine allows users to limit searches to “Topics”.  We’ve been building a curated collection of outstanding topic reviews for all areas of medicine, to support the quality of these search results.


This way, healthcare providers with a decent set of digital subscriptions, can get an UpToDate-like experience.  And healthcare providers from less resourced parts of the world, who may have only a smartphone but no institutional licenses, can still get easy access to outstanding topic reviews from open access sources.
Want to be a part of this mission?



Who’s eligible?

  • Currently using Read
  • Interested in medical education and/or hold an academic position at a medical school and/or university
  • Interested in having a public profile on the Read by QxMD platform
  • Interested in identifying outstanding topic reviews in your area of expertise

What are the responsibilities for QxMD Curators?

This program is aimed at recruiting motivated professionals eager to curate specific topics related to their fields of expertise and interest. To curate these topics (eg. Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Aortic Stenosis, etc.), QxMD Curators will be asked to identify outstanding topic reviews for a specific set of topics.

What are the incentives for QxMD Curators?

  • Receive formal recognition from QxMD for CV/resume and professional recommendations (e.g. LinkedIn formal recognition and official “Curator” title on profile).
  • Be part of a healthcare start up and help shape the future of clinical and research habits.
  • Work alongside healthcare and research professionals to develop your professional network.
  • Become a leader in a new form of medical education.

The Curator Program accepts applicants on a rolling basis and is always looking for passionate members to join our team.