Most Read Medical Publications in 2017

What papers engaged the medical & scientific community in 2017?  At QxMD, we're uniquely set to answer that question. Engagement with the Read by QxMD platform continues to grow, helping clinicians, scientists, students and medical trainees discover tens of millions...

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Calculate by QxMD embedded on your site

Calculate by QxMD is now in use by >1.5 million physicians, nurses, trainees and other users each year. It's available for iPhone, iPad, Android (tablets & smartphones) & web. And now we've made it available to be embedded in your own website.  Do you have a favourite...

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100 Most Read Articles from 2015 on Read by QxMD

Here are the 100 articles that received the most attention in 2015 (as of December 15, 2015) by the 'Read by QxMD' community. Traffic was measured on the Read web, Android and iOS apps. View the entire article collection on Read 1...

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Read by QxMD transforming healthcare with Apple

QxMD is pleased to have been recognized by Apple and included in their new release—"Transforming Healthcare With iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch".   We're really excited to be featured along with organizations such as NEJM, Massachusetts General Hospital, Dana-Farber...

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Advanced ‘Keyword’ creation

Read by QxMD is now used by hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals around the world, some on our mobile apps (iOS, Android) and others via our web app. We continue to receive fantastic feedback from members of the Read community and are hard at work adding...

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Abstracts Accepted at ASN 2015

At QxMD, we're always exploring methods to improve engagement with our users.  While we often keep our experimentation within our engineering meetings, we thought it might be nice to share our experimental approach to educational engagement. Here's a couple abstracts...

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