*Corrected Dialysate Creatinine Concentration at 0-hr, 2-hr, 4-hr Dwell
Plasma Creatinine Concentration at 2-hr Dwell
Dialysate Glucose Concentration at 2-hr and 4-hr Dwell
Dialysate Glucose Concentration at 0-hr Dwell

*If nonenzymatic method (i.e. picric acid assay) is used for analysis of creatinine, be sure to use correction factor to accurately estimate creatinine value.

D/P Creatinine
D/D0 Glucose
Membrane Transport Type 4-hour D/P Creatinine
HIGH 0.82 - 1.03
HIGH-AVERAGE 0.65 - 0.81
LOW-AVERAGE 0.50 - 0.64
LOW 0.34 - 0.49

If discordance in D/P creatinine and D/D0 glucose is noted, it is recommended to repeat the PET. Clinical assessment must be taken into account if results remain discordant.10

Permission to use chart: Twardowski ZJ, Clinical Value of Standardized Equilibration Test in CAPD Patients, Current Concepts of CAPD, Blood Purif 1989;7:95-108.

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