Primary Hyperoxaluria Prediction Tool

Predicts the probability of primary hyperoxaluria in adult patients undergoing chronic hemodialysis


The Primary Hyperoxaluria Prediction Tool was developed using a cohort of 107 patients, of whom 32 affected by primary hyperoxaluria type 1 (PH1) and 75 non-PH patients as controls. PH1 patients were manually identified in a historical cohort of genetically confirmed PH patients in Turin, Italy. Non-PH patients were adult patients undergoing chronic hemodialysis in Rome, Italy. This tool is intended for identifying patients at high risk of having a diagnosis of PH worth of further investigation. Identifying patients affected by PH is vital for management and treatment planning. Our model is an accessible and inexpensive tool for the diagnosis of a underdiagnosed rare kidney disease.


Ferraro PM, D'Ambrosio V, Gambaro G, Giachino D, Groothoff J, Mandrile G. A

Nephrol Dial Transplant 2023 In Press

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1. History of active nephrolithiasis?

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