Frequency, Intensity and Burden of Side Effects Rating Scale (FIBSER) Revised


The Frequency, Intensity, Burden of Side Effects Rating (FIBSER) scale was designed by Dr. Stephen Wisniewski for use in the U.S. STAR*D effectiveness study. The FIBSER Scale was developed to quantify side effects. It is a 3-item scale to assess side effects from antidepressant treatment. It has limited research studies validating its psychometric properties. However, it’s a simple, quick, self-report, questioner which was then revised by Dr. Lam to be used in a clinical setting.


Wisniewski SR, Rush AJ, Balasubramani GK, Trivedi MH, Nierenberg AA, STARD Investigators.

J Psychiatr Pract. 2006;12(2):71-79.

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1. IN THE PAST WEEK, how much of the time did you experience side effects caused by medications for depression?

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