AKI risk after surgery (Postop-MAKE by Woo)

Calculate AKI risk after surgery


Accurate risk assessment of postoperative acute kidney injury (AKI) allows the identification of high-risk patients and helps deliver individualized preventive measures.

Woo SH et al (2021) have developed and validated an easy-to-use bedside predictive tool for 30-day postoperative risk of major adverse kidney event (MAKE) and AKI requiring dialysis, based on 11 patient factors.

Please also see the Woo Perioperative Risk calculator for estimation of stroke, cardiac and mortality risk after non‐cardiac surgery: https://qxmd.com/calculate/calculator_823/woo-perioperative-risk


Woo SH, Zavodnick J, Ackermann L, Maarouf OH, Zhang J, Cowan SW.

Kidney360. Feb 2021, 2(2): 215-223;

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