Euroscore: Additive Score


3.Longterm Use of Bronchodilators or Steroids for Lung Disease?
4.Extracardiac Arteriopathy?
5.Neurological Dysfunction Severely Affecting Ambulation or Day-to-Day Functioning?
6.Previous Cardiac Surgery Requiring Opening of the Pericardium?
7.Serum Creatinine >200 µmol/L (>2.26 mg/dL) Preoperatively?
8.Patient Still Under Antibiotic Treatment for Endocarditis at the Time of Surgery?
9.Critical Preoperative State?
10.Rest Angina Requiring IV Nitrates Until Arrival in the Anaesthetic Room?
11.LV Function?
12.Myocardial Infarction Within 90 Days?
13.Systolic PA Pressure >60 mmHg?
14.Emergency: Operation Carried Out on Referral Before the Beginning of the Next Working Day?
15.Any Major Cardiac Procedure Other Than or in Addition to CABG?
16.Surgery on Thoracic Aorta for Disorder of Ascending Arch or Descending Aorta
17.Postinfarct Septal Rupture?


Adapted from


Roques F, Michel P, Goldstone AR, Nashef SA.

The logistic EuroSCORE.

European Heart Journal 2003, 24 (9): 881-2

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