Khorana risk score

Estimate risk of chemotherapy-associated thrombosis


This risk model for chemotherapy-associated thrombosis was developed and validated using an observational cohort of cancer patients initiating chemotherapy within the United States. Inclusion criteria were patients starting a new chemotherapy regimen, and those who were expected to complete at least 4 cycles. Only venous thromboembolism events were included, and were diagnosed by the treating clinician.

Using baseline clinical and biochemical characteristics in patients starting chemotherapy, a risk score for chemotherapy-associated VTE events classifies patients into low, intermediate, and high risk groups.

Previous thromboprophylaxis trials in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy have not demonstrated a significant benefit. Identifying cancer patients at high risk of VTE may help guide clinican decision-making. Prospective trials evaluating the clinical applicability of this score, and its role in patient selection for thromboprophylaxis have not yet been conducted.


Khorana AA, Kuderer NM, Culakova E, Lyman GH, Francis CW.

Blood 2008 May 15, 111 (10): 4902-7

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