MALT Lymphoma prognosis (MALT-IPI)

Estimate prognosis in MALT lymphoma


The MALT-IPI prognostic index was developed using a database of patients treated in an international randomized trial IELSG-19 (n=401) treated with chlorambucil, rituximab, or both. The index was subsequently validated by merging three independent cohorts of MALT lymphoma patients (including 633 patients).

The score is based on 3 simple clinical parameters that were able to discriminate patient prognosis into 3 risk groups (low, intermediate, and high) predictive for event-free and overall survival. The score was also able to discriminate prognosis for patients with gastric or non-gastric MALT lymphoma.


Thielblemont, et al.

Blood 2017 September 21, 130 (12): 1409-1417

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