Short Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test-geriatric version The SMAST-G

Assess for problem alcohol drinking in the elderly


1.When talking with others, do you ever underestimate how much you drink?
2.After a few drinks, have you sometimes not eaten or been able to skip a meal because you didn’t feel hungry?
3.Does having a few drinks help decrease your shakiness or tremors?
4.Does alcohol sometimes make it hard for you to remember parts of the day or night?
5.Do you usually take a drink to calm your nerves?
6.Do you drink to take your mind off your problems?
7.Have you ever increased your drinking after experiencing a loss in your life?
8.Has a doctor or nurse ever said they were worried or concerned about your drinking?
9.Have you ever made rules to manage your drinking?
10.When you feel lonely, does having a drink help?


Screening for alcohol misuse in the elderly can often be challenging, resulting in under-recognition or misdiagnosis. The elderly can present differently from younger adults with alcohol misuse.

As a result, screening tests such as the Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test-Geriatric version (MAST-G) have been developed to overcome these difficulties.


Blow FC, Brower KJ, Schulenberg JE, et al.

The Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test - Geriatric Version (MAST-G): A new elderly-specific screening instrument. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research 16:372, 1992.

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1. When talking with others, do you ever underestimate how much you drink?

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