Determine risk of avoidable hospital readmission


The HOSPITAL Score is a validated prediction tool to identify patients at a high risk of potentially avoidable hospital readmission. It is intended to allow hospitals to assign extra discharge & care transition services to those patients most likely to be readmitted.

The scoring system is designed to predict the 30-day risk of potential avoidable readmission.

The formula has a C statistic of 0.72, performing similarly to other prediction models. It is validated in a large, international population and can be calculated prior to discharge from hospital. As well, it identifies 30-day readmissions that are potentially avoidable, rather than including unavoidable readmissions.

The model includes 7 variables: low hemoglobin at discharge, discharge from an Oncology service, low sodium on discharge, procedure during hospital stay, urgent/emergent admission, number of hospital admission and length of stay.


Donzé J, Aujesky D, Williams D, Schnipper JL.

JAMA Internal Medicine 2013 April 22, 173 (8): 632-8

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1. Hemoglobin <12 g/dL or 120 g/L at discharge?

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