Predicting 3 Year Survival for Incident Elderly ESRD Patients

Determine appropriateness for transplant referral in elderly patients starting dialysis


This prognostic tool was developed by Dusseux et al in response to the need for prognostic information on long-term survival in incident elderly patients with end-stage renal disease when considering a kidney transplantation as an option.

This tool combines clinical factors to create a validated model that classifies incident elderly patients with end-stage renal disease according to their probability of 3 year survival, allowing the identification of individuals who, despite their age, could be suitable for kidney transplant evaluation.


Dusseux E, Albano L, Fafin C, Hourmant M, Guérin O, Couchoud C, Moranne O.

A simple clinical tool to inform the decision-making process to refer elderly incident dialysis patients for kidney transplant evaluation.

Kidney International 2015, 88 (1): 121-9

Created by on 16/03/2016

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