Pneumonia risk (CURB-65)

Estimate prognosis and determine disposition in community-acquired pneumonia. Not yet validated in COVID-19


This equation is taken from Lim et al (2003). The CURB-65 score was derived and validated based on 1068 patients from three prospective studies in the UK, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. An earlier, more detailed score known as the Pneumonia Severity Index (also known as the PORT score) has also been prospectively validated. A comparison between the two scoring systems demonstrated a slightly better performance using the PORT score as compared to the CURB-65 score. The importance of this difference is likely small and the relative simplicity of the CURB-65 score makes it appealing for clinical use.


Fine MJ et al.

New England Journal of Medicine 1997 January 23, 336 (4): 243-50

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