PCI mortality - Michigan


Mauro Moscucci, MD; Eva Kline-Rogers, RN, MS; David Share, MD, MPH; Michael O’Donnell, MD; Ann Maxwell-Eward, PhD; William L. Meengs, MD; Phillip Kraft, MD; Anthony C. DeFranco, MD; James L. Chambers, MD; Kirit Patel, MD; John G. McGinnity, MS, PAC; Kim A. Eagle, MD

Circulation 2001 July 17, 104 (3): 263-8

Jaroslav Hubacek, P. Diane Galbraith, Min Gao, Karin Humphries, Michelle M. Graham, Merril L. Knudtson, William A.

American Heart Journal 2006, 151 (2): 308-15

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1. Number of Diseased Vessels with ≥70% Stenosis (LAD, LCX, RCA, Grafts)?

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