PD Candidacy (MATCH-D)

Assess candidacy for peritoneal dialysis


This tool is adapted from the "Method to Assess Choices for Home Dialysis" (MATCH-D) decision tool. This specific tool focuses on candidacy for home peritoneal dialysis.

The MATCH-D tool was designed to sensitize clinicians to key issues about who can use home dialysis. By identifying features that may encourage or pose barriers to independent home peritoneal dialysis, the MATCH-D tool can be used to assist clinicians when counselling patients regarding candidacy for home peritoneal dialysis.

It should be noted that patients who have barriers to self home peritoneal dialysis may still be able to successfully do home dialysis with a helper who is willing to take on primary responsibility for care.


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1. Does the patient have any of the following characteristics which are contra-indications to independent home peritoneal dialysis?

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