Predict likelihood of functional independence after intracranial hemorrhage


The FUNC score is a clinical tool used at hospital admission to predict likelihood of achieving functional independence (Glasgow Outcome Score greater than or equal to 4) at 90 days following intracranial hemorrhage.

Rost et al. showed that at 90 days, no patients with a FUNC score of less than or equal to 4 achieved functional independence, while greater than 80% of those patients with a score of 11 did achieve functional independence.

Score categories and percent achieving functional independence at 90 days were as follows:

  • Score 0-4: 0%
  • Score 5-7: 29%
  • Score 8: 48%
  • Score 9-10: 75%
  • Score 11: 95%


Rost NS, et al.

Stroke; a Journal of Cerebral Circulation 2008, 39 (8): 2304-9

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