Classification in acute kidney injury (AKI)

Stage 1

Serum creatinine 1.5–1.9 times baseline or ≥0.3 mg/dl (≥26.5 mmol/l) increase or Urine output <0.5 ml/kg/h for 6–12 hours

Stage 2

Serum creatinine 2.0–2.9 times baseline or <0.5 ml/kg/h for ≥12 hours

Stage 3

Serum creatinine 3.0 times baseline or Increase in serum creatinine to ≥4.0 mg/dl (≥353.6 mmol/l) or Initiation of renal replacement therapy or in patients <18 years, decrease in eGFR to <35 ml/min per 1.73 m² or Urine output <0.3 ml/kg/h for ≥24 hours or anuria for ≥12 hours

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