QxMD is pleased to have been recognized by Apple and included in their new release—”Transforming Healthcare With iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch”.


We’re really excited to be featured along with organizations such as NEJM, Massachusetts General Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Stanford University, University of Oxford, Epocrates, US Department of Health & Human Services,Wolters Kluwer, MedPage Today, Epic, Doximity, and Figure1.


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What is the value proposition of Read by QxMD, Institutional Edition?

Read for iPhone &iPad 

Read by QxMD helps clinicians discover the content that changes practice.
First & foremost, Read provides real value for front line clinicians. We all know physicians and other healthcare providers are too busy to sort through the thousands of medical articles published each week in order to find those that impact their practice.  Read is a personalized digital medical journal that uses algorithmic and crowd-sourced curation to identify those papers that impact your practice.  The more you use it, the smarter it gets.  And Read is consistently recognized by industry leaders, such as iMedicalApps, as the top app for keeping up with medical literature.
Read by QxMD helps clinicians get access to papers in 1-tap.


Next, we recognize that hospitals and university libraries have invested heavily in digital resources.  Yet, they often struggle to see a good return on investment as utilization of these resource is often hampered by tricky to use proxy authentication systems, complex login rituals and unwieldy VPN systems.Read takes the frustrating workflow of finding a full text paper, and makes it simple.  1-tap on your device and, assuming your institution has obtained the rights to that paper, it opens immediately.  When accessing research is easy, doctors & nurses love being at the cutting edge of healthcare.  When it’s hard, it often just doesn’t happen when competing priorities (like sick patients) get in the way.
We also make it simple for organizations to recommend content and have their healthcare providers access full text in seconds (using mobile deep-linking technology).


Read by QxMD helps medical librarians make better decisions and negotiate with publishers using strong data.


We know libraries are under huge financial strain.  As a data-driven company, QxMD knows that good data lets you make better decisions.  Unfortunately, most libraries don’t have enough information to make important decisions around which e-journals to subscribe to and which to divest themselves of.  Read provides simple to interpret analytics that lets you understand which clinical audience is accessing which content, and how often.  We also show which content is getting blocked by paywalls, as well as which content is most/least popular across the entire QxMD global community.

Read by QxMD supports quality improvement for hospitals and healthcare organizations.


We know that healthcare organizations are driven like never before to enhance the quality, not the quantity of health services.

 We use the Promoted Research™ feature of our institutional edition to disseminate practice-changing research that helps healthcare organizations achieve the Triple Aim:

Better care
Better outcomes
Reduced costs


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