The popular medical iPhone/iPod Touch application, Pedi STAT, is available for Android Devices.

Pedi-STAT is a rapid reference for health care professionals managing chidren in the emergent or critical care environment.

Rapidly Determine:

  • Airway interventions – endotracheal tube sizes, depth, intubation medication dosages, ventilator settings, and sedation
  • Cardiac resuscitation data including weight specific dosages for resuscitation medications, cardioversion, and defibrillation
  • Access to age and weight specific pediatric equipment including foley catheters, airway management, chest and NG tubes, peripheral and central line sizes, and more
  • Seizure medication dosages
  • Management of hypoglycemia including age specific dextrose concentrations
  • Reference of age specific normal vital signs
  • Procedural sedation dosages including single dose meds and infusions, as well as reversal agents
  • Calculated pain management medications
  • Medical management of allergic reactions and anaphylaxis

Since many of the patients present with minimal known information, all the results can be calculated rapidly with only a known age, weight, length/height or Broselow color.  Simply enter the known variable and the data is instantly calculated.

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