Learn by QxMD

The Learn by QxMD platform allows you to publish high quality, mobile-optimized educational courses (CME / CPD) for healthcare providers — designed to be accessible, engaging, and simple to consume for busy professionals.

Learn by QxMD puts content in front of the right audience to optimize continuing education around your practice-changing course material.

Reach the right audience

The Learn platform integrates seamlessly with the Calculate by QxMD app, putting your course at the fingertips of nearly two million healthcare professionals on day one.

Make engagement easy

Hectic schedules make it hard to adhere to learning commitments. Built-in email integration keeps audiences engaged with daily bite-sized content and gentle email reminders.

Modern online education for all devices

We build impactful and engaging content, including short videos, interactive polls and quizzes to reinforce retention. Our content can be consumed on any device to keep course material fresh and accessible to all.

Branded Content

Captivate your audience with a CME / CPD course that’s uniquely designed for your topic. We offer guidance and support for creating courses that stand out. Our platform provides a consistent, easy to use learning system while feeling fresh with each course.