At QxMD, we’ve been working hard to make the Read service available to mobile apps and websites.


Self-hosted WordPress sites

We’ve received many requests to integrate Read into websites so we built a plugin called “PMID Citations with Read” for self-hosted WordPress websites.   The plugin does 3 things:

  1. Allows creation of a list of citations at the end of any post or page on a WordPress site, for those who want to create a full reference section without much effort.  Just install the plugin, add the list of PubMed IDs, and voila, a completely formatted list of citations.
  2. Add an individual citation anywhere in any post or page.  Just install the plugin, and add the following code:
    Insert PMID
  3. All citations link to both PubMed and Read by QxMD.  When users click or tap on Read by QxMD links, they get all the data found on PubMed, but also get the article’s full text (if they have access via open access or their institution), optimized for their device (mobile or desktop).

In short, the ‘PMID Citations for Read’ plugin, is a simple way to add full citations or reference lists to your site, in just a few seconds.

All other websites

For any other websites, we provide a simple method to add links to the ‘Read’ service.

  1. Add the “Open in Read” button to your page
    Open in Read
    Get it here:
  2. Link the button to Read using the url:
where PMID is the PubMed ID eg.

See how is using the Read button.


Integrate Read with iOS apps

Many great medical apps are providing references to the primary literature and linking to full text with Read.

A few examples:

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