Designed to coincide with the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) annual conference and exhibition in Atlanta, Ga, on March 1, 2010, Epocrates announced that it will enter the electronic health records (EHR) market.  The company is designing a mobile and web-based platform designed to meet needs of solo and small group physician practices.

According to Epocrates:

“This was a logical next step for Epocrates,” said Rose Crane, chief executive officer of Epocrates. “Our understanding of how physicians work and what they need at the point of care is the foundation of our success. We owe it to our loyal physician subscribers to create an EHR solution that will work smoothly within their practices and allow them to continue caring for patients.”

Mobihealth News interviews Epocrates’ Chief Medical Officer Geoff Rutledge,

“Our core strength and expertise is in mobile applications at the point of care.  We understand how physicians think and how they work, so it was only natural for us to build an electronic health record (EHR) that includes a mobile version. That has been missing from existing EHR offerings in the market: A fully functioning mobile EHR app that works both when connected and disconnected. It’s not enough to just have a mobile EHR, of course, and it is also a fully featured, web-enabled desktop application, too.”

About accessing the EHR via a browser on a desktop and via an iPhone version, Epocrates’ Chief Technology Officer Bob Quinn says:

”The information will be delivered differently and the iPhone version will be used for some use cases more often than the desktop version and vice versa. These two platforms are complementary, so we are not necessarily ‘leading’ with mobile.  One differentiator between our mobile EHR app and others is that ours will be a native app and it will store patient data on the device.  That means the device will not need a signal to access the EH. Any new data will be synched with the record once the phone finds a signal.”

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