Calculate by QxMD has surpassed six hundred thousand downloads across multiple mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android. Calculate is also now available for the BlackBerry Playbook.

In a recent article on Crain’s New York there is a nice commentary on the utility of point of care decision support tools like ‘Calculate’.

Dr. Jonathan Austrian, a hospitalist at NYU Langone Medical Center, calls up apps such as … Calculate by QxMD to assess such matters as a patient’s risk of stroke. Without the medical calculator app, he could make a go or no-go decision about, say, administering a blood thinner based on a simple scoring system, but the app gives him a more precise percentage of the odds of a stroke.

“I can tell the patient, ‘This is the recommended therapy,’ ” Dr. Austrian explained, “but it’s more powerful if I can say, ‘This is the recommended therapy because your stroke risk is X%’ or ‘You have a one in 20 chance next year of having a stroke if you’re not on [a blood thinner].’ ”

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