In an effort to adhere to our mandate to provide free, high quality software to the medical community, QxMD is pleased to announce that effective March 15, 2010, The AF Guide – The Atrial Fibrillation Reference is now freely available for the iPhone & iPad.

The AF Guide’, compiled and written by Jason Andrade, MD, FRCPC, amalgamates the complex recommendations surrounding the management of patients with atrial fibrillation and distils them into an easy to use app.

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The AF Guide‘ covers the following topics:

✦ Management of acute atrial fibrillation
✦ Management of chronic atrial fibrillation (with sections on  rate control and rhythm control)
✦ Evidence-based strategies to decide when to use anticoagulation vs antiplatelet agents
✦ Balancing risk of stroke vs risk of bleeding in language that is easy to comprehend for health care professionals and patients alike


Key features include:

✔ Estimate stroke and bleeding risk with evidence-based recommendations as to whether antiplatelet agents or anticoagulation is most appropriate.

✔ Explain competing risks of stroke vs bleeding in terms patients and health care professionals can understand.

✔ Warfarin dose calculator – provides simple dosing recommendations based on INR and current warfarin dose.

✔ E-mail results to your patient

✦ Send your recommendations and rationale for treatment directly to your patient
✦ Send warfarin dosing directly to your patient.

✔ Quick access to drugs and dosing needed when managing patient in the acute setting

Available on iPhone App Store