Read by QxMD is now used by hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals around the world, some on our mobile apps (iOS, Android) and others via our web app.

We continue to receive fantastic feedback from members of the Read community and are hard at work adding requested features.

A commonly requested feature was the ability to create more sophisticated ‘keyword’ updates.  What’s a keyword?  This is a term that you would like to be updated on regularly, such as “Lupus nephritis” or “Constrictive pericarditis” or “Malaria”.  When new articles are found that match, you can review them in the “Keyword” tab in the Read app, and receive email and/or push notification alerts when new articles are found.

To date, our keyword creation has been relatively simple.  Choose some terms and we’ll find articles that contains those terms.

We’ve now added the ability to create more robust & complex search queries in order to provide more refined & targeted results.

What have we added?

Use Boolean operators: AND OR 

diabetic AND foot
diabetes OR diabetic

Note: lupus cerebritis is treated the same as lupus AND cerebritis

To exclude a word, use the ‘minus’ sign

Virchow -triad

Use Parentheses

water AND (cup or glass)

Add an asterisk (*) at end of a word to include word stems

Neuro* includes Neurology, Neuroscientist, Neurological, etc

Use quotes to search for an exact phrase

“primary prevention of cancer”

You can combine all of these techniques:

(heart or cardiac or cardio*) AND arrest -“American Heart Association”


How do you add a ‘Keyword’?

On iOS or Android

1. Choose Settings (image of gears)

2. Choose ‘Keywords to Follow’

3.  Add a Keyword

At on the web

1. Go to

2. Add a Keyword

The great news is that these advanced features also apply to our search functionality.  When searching for an article, try using any of these features to refine your search further.

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